FEA Fibre: Fuel for local use & export

Sustainable Biomass Sourcing from The Americas

FEA Fibre is the fuel supply affiliate of FEA Hub. FEA Fibre coordinates forestry efforts, markets biomass for export, and coordinates supply and delivery to customers.

FEA Fibre is the export marketing affiliate of FEA Hub which is the development entity. For project development hit this ...

local energy to serve local needs, with excess for export

Serve local demand & export the surplus
Biomass Projects & Retail Customers

Harvesting invasive species together with sustainable forestry practices can supply biomass fuel for local generation of electricity, domestic cooking & heating, with the excess available for export to high-value Euro markets.

The FEA Fibre Team

REAL Experience in The Americas, Asia, and Africa, delivering energy systems and marketing biomass fuels

harvest, process, serve local demand, & export sustainable biomass fuel

Build on Experience, Use Local Resources, Serve Local Needs, AND Export Markets

The FEA Team have experience in The America, Asia and Africa in rural development, rural electrification, capital raising, and business formation.

FEA Hub and FEA Fibre, Since 2015